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Elementary School Baseball & Softball Tournament

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What is the Sandlot
School Showdown?

Our goal as an organization is to provide as many sporting opportunities as possible to the youth of Northwest Missouri. This baseball & softball tournament is another way for the youth to be active and have fun - this time with their classmates. This tournament is similar to our Winter School Basketball League. The teams in this tournament are made of up students from the same school. The players will have the chance to play on the same team their classmates for a 1 weekend showdown. We invite all players K-12 to join, regardless of skill level.


How Are Teams Formed?

Teams can be formed a 3 different ways. First way is to create your own team made up of players from your school and division. Teams can also be formed by combining individual registrants from the same school. The last way a team could be formed is a combination of the first two ways. Individual registrants can be placed on a team that does not have at least 9 players.

I Have Never Played Before. Is This Tournament Right For Me?

While we normally encourage first-time players for all of our other events, this is not be the case for this tournament. There will be little to no coaching prior to this tournament. When you combine that with the different levels of talent, safety issues occur. We encourage players to join who are currently playing or who have recently played.

I Can't Because I'm Already On A Club/Travel Team.

We completely understand. However, it's only ONE WEEKEND! Being on a team for this tournament would not take any more time away from your other team than just this one weekend. Teams are not required to practice and may only practice 1 or 2 times prior to the tournament.

This tournament is meant to be about FUN and playing with your classmates. We would love for you to come out and enjoy a fun weekend of playing baseball with your classmates.

Can I bring my own team?

Preformed teams are allowed, but they must be made up of players for the SAME school. Also, the players must be eligible to play in the division they registered in.

What If We Don't Have a Full Team?

No worries! There will be plenty of individual sign ups from your school that could be added to your team. 

If by chance, there are not any individual sign ups from your school, we will find someone to fill your team's need spot(s). We would like to keep teams made up of players from the same school, but this is not always a possibility.

Can Homeschooled or Private School Players Join?

Absolutely! Homeschooled and private school players will be placed on their own team. Because neither type of player is associated with a school from the district, they will be placed on teams together.

We would like to keep teams unmixed as much as possible - this is the reason we will place homeschooled and private school players on their own team.

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather?

Like you, we do not want this tournament cancelled or postponed. To avoid any cancellations, we will wait until the last minute possible to cancel any games. 

We have the proper tools/equipment to help us determine when to call a game. In the event of cancellation, there a refund to each player. There will be a sliding scale to help determine the refund amount, based off the number of games played minus the cost of your jersey.  

When & Where Are Practices?

Practice times, frequency, and location are determined by the coach in collaboration with the parents of the team's players. It is not required that teams practice prior to the tournament. The purpose of the tournament is to provide an opportunity for classmates to play together and have fun - taking priority over chasing tournament wins.

What About Uniforms?

Good news! We will provide each player with a jersey, specifically for this tournament. Players will have their own numbers and the colors of the jersey will be specific to each team. The cost of the jersey is built into the registration fee - there's no extra cost.

No One From My School Signed Up - What Do I Do?

Don't sweat, you should still sign up! After signing up, spread the word about your team! We would love for you to use one of our Facebook posts to share with your friends. 

We will also combine teams that have insufficient numbers of players. 

How Do Refunds Work?

Refunds will always be dispersed via the same method of payment used for the transaction. Refunds can be given out for numerous reasons but are mostly situation based. For any, and all, refunds, the amount may very. Refunds would be given out to each player (person who registered the player), minus the cost of the jersey, but the refunded amount would be determined by a sliding scale based on number of games played, and progression of the tournament. 


Refunds may be given out due to the cancellation of the tournament or remainder of the tournament.

A refund may also be given out due to the lack of players available to create a team. 

Who Coaches The Team?

You! Teams are coached by volunteers. When signing up for the tournament, you will be asked if you are willing to coach a team. The team you would coach is the same team your player would play on. As a 'Thank You', from us to you, we will give you a souvenir. 

It is recommended that coaches have some experience in the sport. We ask that the coaches give the players and parents the respect they deserve, and try to provide a fun experience and safe atmosphere for the players. Remember, this tournament is about having fun with kids from the same school.

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