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Information and FAQS

-We recommend you try to form a team by talking to teachers, parents in your child's class, etc, to try and form a school team on your own.

In the event you can't do that, sign up as an individual. If we receive any other individuals from your school in same grade, we will place you together.

-Games will be played at Keatley Center and the REC Center on Mon-Wed evenings.

-Each team is responsible for finding a practice facility and any costs, as well as uniforms. Uniforms can be jerseys, shirts, etc. They just need to be the same color and be numbered. We suggest making your own, or going to local vendors, such as Yellow Frog, PJs, the Mark It, Firehouse, First Street, the Sports Page, etc.

-Games will be played on weeknights. We do not know what night or when until we close registration and see how many teams sign and in what division.

-6 games, and then a single elimination city tournament (for grades 2nd-6th)

-Coaches are NEEDED! Especially for individual registrations. There are no requirements, other than someone who is willing to organize practices and encourage and love children.

-Foul language or threatening behavior are not allowed. You will be banned from the league immediately. No second chances.

-The people who signed up as individuals will be put on teams once registration closes.

-$2 gate fee for guests 8 and older. 2 coaches per team/players get in free.

Registration CLOSES 12/5. Once it closes, there will be no late registration.

Games will start no sooner than 1/8

Schedule requests can be made, but cannot be guaranteed. There are too many teams to be able to meet many of the requests. Be prepared to be flexible.

This is a growth league- FOR FUN! It creates a more level playing field, and is great for players of all ages. More advanced players can take a leadership role, help teach, and grow their game, just like a player who is playing for the first time.

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